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Why do we insist on pre-spotting your carpets?

28 Sep

Ok, so in the above photo it’s pretty obvious why anyone would insist on pre-spotting the carpets… but in a lot of cases our clients will insist that we don’t need to bother. The reason why we pre-spot before we shampoo the carpets is threefold:

  1. To loosen the soils in the carpets, and give us a bit of a ‘headstart’ in getting them looking their best again.
  2. To insure our product has time to settle in areas that are notoriously dirty- passageways, entrance foyers, under the dining room table. When we’ve finished cleaning your carpets, we don’t just want it cleaner- we want it clean!
  3. Last but not least, we do it because that’s what we said we’d do! By training our whole team to use the same tried and true process from start to finish, we can ensure that our results are impressive across the city.

What is encapsulation?

8 Sep

Encapsulation solutions, quite simply, are “oil loving” formulas that easily bind to oils, dirt, grime and greasy residues. When the solution is agitated into the carpet (whether by brush, rotational buffer or bonnet system) the soils and dirt are broken up, giving the encapsulation solution a perfect opportunity to bind to the soils. ..

As it begins to dry, it encapsulates the soil and hardens, forming crystals that can then be removed from the carpet with a vacuum cleaner or by pile lifting.

The first benefit of carpet cleaning using the encapsulation method is that little residue is left behind (if any residue is left behind, it is residual solution which continues to act on new soils in the carpet, and will be picked up the next time your home is vacuumed.)

Bacteria need food to grow. When these bacteria, like the rest of the soils in your carpet, are encapsulated and crystalised, they become separated from their food source~ causing them to die.

The second benefit of encapsulation cleaning is that not only do bacteria not get a chance to breed (it takes 4 hours for mould and mildew to grow in wet carpet~ they cannot accomplish anything in 20-40 minutes!) the bacteria already in your carpets dies, too!

Encapsulation solution is fast drying. That’s why when we claim:

Your carpets dry, before we say ‘goodbye!’

We can say it with our heads held high! Normally, within 30-40 minutes of the encapsulation solution being applied, your carpets are dry to walk on.

The third benefit of encapsulation cleaning is that with less water, comes less “wicking” (the reappearance of stains that have lain dormant in the base fibres, underlay or backing of the carpet) and better air quality.

Finally, this new generation of encapsulation cleaners literally strip the oils and residues from your carpet fibres, leaving them in almost the same state they were when you bought the carpet. Anyone who has replaced their carpet knows how much easier it is to vacuum dirt from your new carpet.

The fourth benefit of encapsulation cleaning is that not only do your carpets stay clean longer, they remain easier to clean for yourself in between visits from a professional carpet cleaner!

In essence, encapsulation cleaning is the simple and effective way to clean your carpets. Now that you know how it’s done, you can make an informed decision when it comes time to clean your carpets. If you’d like any more information, please give us a call~ we’re happy to help!

Carpet cleaning for a healthier home…

6 Sep

For a lot of Auckland locals, our Tenancy Agreement states that we must have the carpets cleaned by a professional Auckland carpet cleaner when we vacate the property… and that is the first time we even consider cleaning our carpets.

But did you know that cleaning your carpets can give you a healthier home? It’s true! Choosing the right Carpet Cleaning company in Auckland can allow you the benefits of a healthier home, whilst you’re still living in it. How? Well, the answer to that is threefold:

If your carpet cleaning technician uses a built-in anti-microbial treatment… nasty spores and bacteria are history!

If the method of carpet cleaning is quick drying… there is no chance for mould and mildew to breed in your carpets.

If the Carpet Cleaning company you choose uses safer, environmentally friendly products from a reputable “green” manufacturer… you don’t have nasty, toxic chemicals lurking in the carpets you live on.

Mr Carpet Cleaner is proud to meet all these requirements… make sure the company you choose is, too.

5 Reasons to call us first…

6 Sep
  1. We use the encapsulation method for all our Auckland carpet cleaning work~ this means that our clients receive the best possible carpet cleaning results in Auckland, with a quick drying time (in most cases, your clean carpets are dry in an hour!)
  2. We use a built in anti-microbial treatment in all our Auckland carpet cleaning work~ ideal for allergy suffferers, asthmatics, and anyone who lets the kids (or grown ups!) play on their carpets. We help you keep your family safe.
  3. We have experience cleaning carpets at some of Auckland’s biggest firms, and countless homes and apartments in between~ experience that ensures you get the best result possible.
  4. If you’re looking for a carpet cleaner in Auckland, our technicians receive ongoing training~ this means you can be sure all your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs can be met by one company, if not one technician!
  5. No matter where in the greater Auckland region you are, if your carpets need cleaning~ we can be there! From Franklin, to Huapai, to Whangaparoa, and every suburb in between, we’ve got a technician that can be there to meet all your carpet cleaning needs.

For top results, and a company that takes pride in it’s work, call us on 0800 560 016 for your free, no obligation quote. We’d love to hear from you!