The End of Tenancy carpet clean

16 Nov

We’ve had quite a few folks phone in lately to enquire about the difference between our End of Tenancy carpet clean, and a Maintenance carpet clean. Well, do the following apply to you:

  • You are moving in or out of a property AND
  • The property will be completely unfurnished when our technician comes in AND
  • You require a thorough carpet clean for your landlord, new tenant or buyer (or for your own peace of mind).

Did you answer “YES!” to all the above? Then an End of Tenancy carpet clean is for you.

The reason we have a carpet cleaning package tailored specifically to this type of carpet cleaning, is because this is what we do for several large Property Management firms throughout Auckland. It is specifically suited to an empty property, giving our technicians ease of access to all carpeted areas and saving them time, and allowing us to pass the savings on to you through the considerable EoT discount.

Now, just because there is a discount involved, it doesn’t mean we take any shortcuts. Our technicians are required to follow the same 3 step process as they do with a Maintenance clean:

  1. Vacuum all carpet areas with a commercial grade vacuum cleaner.
  2. Pre-spray any heavily soiled areas.
  3. Full carpet shampoo.

If there are stains, our technician is more than capable of analysing, quoting and treating these on the day (time allowing, of course.)

And now for the fine print: If our technician arrives at the scheduled time to perform an End of Tenancy Carpet clean and the carpet areas are still furnished or semi-furnished, the Maintenance clean price will be charged. It is not fair to our other Maintenance clients, or to our technicians, to provide the End of Tenancy discount if the property is not unfurnished. Thank you for your understanding.

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