Don’t be duped!

15 Feb

It’s come to our attention that there are people selling our $25.00 Gift Vouchers online. Please don’t let yourself be taken for a ride, the whole point of our gift vouchers is to save our valuable clients money- not make them pay more! If you would like one of our vouchers, there’s no need to pay $7+ for them: simply give us a call and we’ll send one out to you absolutely free!

How to deal with inevitable spills on your carpet…

6 Feb

We’ve all had it happen~

Whether it’s a dropped plate on the way to the dinner table, orange juice spilled at breakfast, those red wine spots from last nights impromptu gathering… accidents do happen, so try not to get too upset. Follow these guidelines, and you have a better chance of getting your carpets looking good again.

Act Immediately!  Today, most carpet available has been treated with a stain-resist treatment.  Many spills can be removed or considerably reduced if immediate action is taken. The longer the delay, the higher the probability of a spill becoming a permanent stain. Remember, staining is influenced by many factors, and no carpet is completely stain proof.

Dab liquids with a dry, white, absorbent cloth or white (no printing) paper towels. It’s important not to use printed or dyed towels for this, especially if you’ve got lighter coloured carpets~ transfer does happen! White terry cloth or microfibre towels are great to have on hand for this purpose.

Blot – Don’t Scrub the area! Scrubbing can cause pile distortion. Continue to use a white cloth or paper towels until the area is completely dry. For semi-solids, gently scrape up with a spoon. Break up and vacuum solids away.

Googling stain treatments can be tempting, but remember that a carpet is a big investment~ in order to keep it looking great for longer, sometimes you just have to call a professional. Some home remedies and ‘tricks’ can actually set the spot, turning it into a permanent stain that can be expensive, or worse still, impossible to remove. Find a reputable Carpet Cleaner in your local area, and ask them for a free, no obligation quote. Better yet, if you’re in the Auckland region, we can take care of it for you! We’ll visit you on site for a free quote, and since all our technicians carry the tools of the trade on board, chances are we can take care of it straight away*.

*Please understand that our Technician may be calling in on the way to another booking, so you may need to reschedule. We always do our best to accommodate everyone.

An interesting poll

26 Jan

We all know from experience that when you walk into a shop, there are certain things that will cause you to walk straight back out. When asked what experiences would negatively impact their perception of a retail store, adult consumers in a global study reported the following:

  • Unpleasant odor 92 percent
  • Poor customer service 90 percent
  • Dirty floors 86 percent
  • Stained carpet 85 percent
  • Dirty restrooms 84 percent
  • Poor staff appearance 83 percent
  • Wet floors with no signage 76 percent
  • Dusty surfaces 74 percent
  • Shop does not stock what I want 69 percent
  • Dirty glass and windows 68 percent

Of the top 10 reasons somebody would walk out of your shop, a commercial cleaning company can fix all but 3 of them for you! Unfortunately, we can’t control a grumpy or scruffy salesperson on your front line, or re-stock your shelves to suit each potential customer, but we can provide all your store and warehouse cleaning requirements in one easy, maintenance free, fully customisable package. Give us a call today on 0800 560 016 for a free, no obligation quote.

A busy, busy New Years Day!

12 Jan

The feedback we’ve received on our last Before/After photo post was phenomenal, and we’re glad our readers are getting encouraged to repolish their vinyl and hardwood floors. In case you needed a bit more prompting, here are some photos from our first job of 2011. We stripped back the wooden floors at the Amway Showroom here in Auckland, and repolished them with a lovely high gloss finish- we’re really pleased at how it sets off the amazing range of products they’ve got on display.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let us know what you think~ and there are more Before/After photos coming soon!

Mr Pest Control

5 Jan

As wonderful as this summer weather is, you better believe that bugs love it, too! Over the hectic holidays we’ve had more pest control enquiries than ever before! To get the most out of your pest control treatment, you can check out our newest addition to the Mr Cleaning Works family here. Newest addition may be a bit misleading- we’ve been in the organic pest control business for over 5 years now. But we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from clients surrounding Mr Carpet Cleaner’s blog, and how they have benefited from what we are sharing- so we decided now was a good time to do the same for our pest control clients.

What do you think of our Mr Pest Control blog?

To our wonderful clients, staff and friends

24 Dec



Wishing a very merry Christmas to you and yours ~ here’s to a safe, happy, and relatively stress-free Holiday weekend for us all!

We’re on the home stretch!

21 Dec


The merriest of days is only 4 sleeps away! After the year that has been, no doubt everyone is looking forward to some well earned Rest & Relaxation. With family and friends soon descending upon your home, it seems everybody has left their pre-visitor cleaning to the last minute~ we’ve never been so busy!

If you have any little spills over the Christmas holiday weekend, remember, the sooner you get in touch with us, the better your chances of keeping your carpets in their best possible condition. Here are some tips to contain the stain and buy you a little bit of time:

  • Blot up liquids straight away using a paper towel or clean cloth.  In the event of any large area spills, we’d recommend putting a clean towel down and standing on it to absorb as much liquid as possible.
  • Scoop up solids immediately using a knife or spoon – try not to push the substance further into the carpet pile.
  • DON’T rub wet carpet pile – ever!  This will damage the carpet pile and can spread the stain further.
  • DON’T drown the carpet in water or any other liquid.
  • DON’T pour white wine over red wine. It floods the carpet, doesn’t work, and it inevitably means somebody misses out on the festivities!

P.S. Be on the lookout for our New Year Specials- we’ve got decades of experience caring for your carpets, even after the roughest of holiday treatments!

The Christmas rush has begun!

10 Dec

We are entering one of our busiest periods of the year and have expanded our hours of service to suit your needs. Give us a call on 0800 560 016 to book a time slot that suits you and yours, and get your home looking fabulous for the Silly Season!

Mr Carpet Cleaner’s Silly Season Hours

7 days a week: 7:30am – 7:00pm (latest start time) for all residential carpet/ upholstery/ hard flooring requirements

7 days a week: 7:30am – 3:30pm (latest start time) for all residential pest control requirements

Commercial cleaning requirements: hours to suit, by arrangement

The sun is shining

7 Dec

The sun is shining and the humidity level is rising across Auckland. Often when the heat and humidity start to rise, so do the odours in your home from unattended pet spots and food stains. Customers have been calling all weekend about pet urine stains, and what to do when a new one appears.

Firstly, blot up as much as you can. Then throw a damp towel or a few damp paper towels over the spot and give us a call. The sooner you have these accidents professionally treated, the better the result in most cases.

 As for the old ones? Give me a call on 0800 560 016 if you would like some advice over the phone, or to book a free, in-home assessment.

The End of Tenancy carpet clean

16 Nov

We’ve had quite a few folks phone in lately to enquire about the difference between our End of Tenancy carpet clean, and a Maintenance carpet clean. Well, do the following apply to you:

  • You are moving in or out of a property AND
  • The property will be completely unfurnished when our technician comes in AND
  • You require a thorough carpet clean for your landlord, new tenant or buyer (or for your own peace of mind).

Did you answer “YES!” to all the above? Then an End of Tenancy carpet clean is for you.

The reason we have a carpet cleaning package tailored specifically to this type of carpet cleaning, is because this is what we do for several large Property Management firms throughout Auckland. It is specifically suited to an empty property, giving our technicians ease of access to all carpeted areas and saving them time, and allowing us to pass the savings on to you through the considerable EoT discount.

Now, just because there is a discount involved, it doesn’t mean we take any shortcuts. Our technicians are required to follow the same 3 step process as they do with a Maintenance clean:

  1. Vacuum all carpet areas with a commercial grade vacuum cleaner.
  2. Pre-spray any heavily soiled areas.
  3. Full carpet shampoo.

If there are stains, our technician is more than capable of analysing, quoting and treating these on the day (time allowing, of course.)

And now for the fine print: If our technician arrives at the scheduled time to perform an End of Tenancy Carpet clean and the carpet areas are still furnished or semi-furnished, the Maintenance clean price will be charged. It is not fair to our other Maintenance clients, or to our technicians, to provide the End of Tenancy discount if the property is not unfurnished. Thank you for your understanding.